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Aluminium Standard Test Panels

Standard test panels are manufactured from half hard 1050A grade rolled aluminium purchased from a reliable source and 100% inspected in process.

• EN ISO 1514 standard test panels require half hard 1200 grade aluminium in 1mm thick panels, these are also available.
• Qualicoat standard aluminium test panels are available
• A variety of different aluminium specifications are available including aerospace. If a material is commercially available we will make the panels.
Steel Based Standard Test Panels

High surface quality cold rolled full finish steel to EN 10130:1999 DC01 is processed and 100% inspected into either ex-mill oiled condition OR cleaned and inhibited test panels. The latter process using a modern solvent free process leaving the panels ready to use from the box.

Bright prime quality tinplate is processed into a variety of sizes.
Special & Surface Treated Test Panels

A variety of test panels are made to customer specification utilising different materials and surface treatments. Some of these are mentioned in our website. Further information is available on request.

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