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Wherever you need a substrate to test your product then we are there to help you. We have manufactured test substrates for use in the research and quality control laboratories of the many manufacturers and users in the coatings industries, since 1981. Our quality test panels have been supplied in most types of materials from high quality steel, aluminium, tinplate, brass and various plastics.

Often these have to meet specific standards for particular industries, such as demanding aerospace applications. The specification for these test materials has varied enormously and it has been to our satisfaction to meet these demands head on. Test panels have been supplied to a wide variety of international companies across the world. Testing for weathering, corrosion resistance, fatigue, tensile, peel, appearance, opacity, hardness, adhesion and many more have all been done on Pro Test Panels with reliability of results.

The following pages invite you to browse through a variety of STANDARD TEST PANELS, in addition we supply a great number of panels to meet customer requirements; our enquiry form invites you to send details of your needs or request a quotation for our standard panels.

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